Rented the Let’s Groove 360 for my birthday and it was a HIT!!! Easily my guests’ favorite part of the party. I felt like the star of a music video on that that platform and it was surprisingly easy & quick to set up and pack. I also like that it self-edits the videos to slow, speed and repeat. Highly recommend if you want something to make your event extra memorable.

BIG PLUS: customized filters on the videos!! I had one that said “Happy Birthday Huma” for my night and it was great.

Huma Moinuddin

I absolutely love to dance and Let’s Groove Studio gives me and my friends the platform to do just that. Everyone that works there is VERY passionate and makes it so much fun. I’m great at freestyling so sometimes it may get difficult following the steps, but the instructors give you attention and insure you learn the steps 100%!

Zartasha Chahal
I attended a private party at Let’s Groove Studio and it was so beautifully decorated! It’s the perfect space for an intimate gathering and I really enjoyed my time there. I’d definitely use this private space again for any kind of future event!

Thanks to theidioms.com